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Please allow me to introduce you to Jesus….
The Resurrection of Jesus: Hoax or History

Teachings on the Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith

Israel, The Church, and the Return of Jesus
Living Lessons from the Passover Story
Your Jewish Connection
The Fruit of Love
Re-Placement Or In-Placement Theology
Why should my church study her Jewish Roots: a Message for Pastors
The "Beit Midrash": Learning How To Learn Together
The Dung Gate
Some further thoughts on Israel, The Church, and the Return of Jesus
Tabernacles - Life is temporary so relax and enjoy the presence of the Lord"

Biblically Based Teachings for Spiritual Growth

What Religion is Your Church Practicing?
The Incense of Prayer
A New Church for a New Millenium
Guidelines for Writing Personal Testimony Tract

Articles that link to Restoration Foundation's website:

A Four-fold Prophetic Reconciliation
The Hebraic Heart of Leadership
Presenting Ourselves for Transformation
Women in Ministry: Anointed For Service, Robbed of Opportunity

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